The Ring (Widescreen Edition)
Surpasses the hype.

I've been a fan of horror movies since I can remember. As a young kid, I tried to find a movie that would truly scare me, and I never did. The first Halloween movie was the best I came across. The Exorcist did nothing for me.
Then I saw the previews for this movie. I thought it looked sort of lame but also intriguing. So I went to see it with a friend. It was the best movie-going experience I've had yet, and the only time I've been genuinely terrified by a movie.
I don't know what it is about this movie - the acting, the cinematography, and the storyline are all superb, but it's impossible to put my finger on the reason it scared me so much. And that's what I love about it. There's something intangible in the film's atmosphere that gave me the chills. I unplugged my TV for two weeks after just to be safe yes, I'm lame.
Naomi Watts is one of my favorite actresses out there today - she made a huge impression on me with her great performance in David Lynch's MULHOLLAND DRIVE, and she definitely didn't let me down here. She's perfect for the role and she pulls it off beautifully, looking more and more tense as the plot thickens.
The villain of the movie, Samara, was portrayed by Daveigh Chase, and I can say with certainty that for a little girl, she sure knows how to be scary. I liked her a lot more than RINGU's villain, Sadako.
Speaking of RINGU, if you're thinking of passing this one up to see the original, my advice is this: don't. Perhaps I'm one of those people who the "true horror fans" call unenlightened, but the Japanese version, in my opinion, is far inferior to this one. After seeing the American version, I read about the original and downloaded it, expecting to be floored by it and to prefer it highly over the remake. But it lacked suspense for me, and at points it became too ridiculous to give any credibility to.
However, judging by the reviews on here and the ones I've read elsewhere, I'm missing something. It bothers me to know that I'm not getting the full experience, but there is something about RINGU that must have escaped me. Maybe I'll watch it again some time.
Anyway, yes, there are some plot holes. To me, they're so minor that I didn't give them a second thought. But they do seem to bother some other people, so if you like having everything explained to you, you may be disappointed here.
To finish this highly rambling review, I will say that if you're like me, you will be extremely pleased by and scared by this movie. Don't pass it up just because it may be less "artsy" than the original.

His Girl Friday
Witty and entertaining

Please note that the DVD version I am reviewing is the Laserlight release that features an additional documentary on the life of Cary Grant as well as an introduction by an even-more-confused-than-usual Tony Curtis.
With Laserlight you can never predict from the outside case exactly what the quality of the film itself is going to be in. I've watched good quality prints from them in the past, but I've also seen some truly awful releases that aren't worth the plastic that they're pressed on. Fortunately, their version of HIS GIRL FRIDAY is quite excellent, with a crisp picture and a clear soundtrack. Their budget releases are usually worth the risk, and in this case, you end up with a great movie that's quite well preserved and all for a fairly low price.
The movie itself is simply fantastic. The dialogue comes flying at you so fast that'll be afraid to laugh for fear of speaking over the next line. The story itself is also intensely funny, and deceptively dark. What begins as a seemingly light romantic comedy slowly becomes more and more twisted until the final scene, where the reinstatement of the romance subplot reminds us of how far we've come. It's a testament to the skills of the director, Howard Hawks, that the result is not only coherent, but also highly enjoyable. The story flows effortlessly from moment to moment, with each scene being slightly more frantic than the last, yet still together enough to be extremely entertaining.
The acting from the two main leads is also a delight. In the past I had thought of Cary Grant as always playing the same sort of character in every film. Although, you'll see some similarity to other roles that he played, he's incredibly amusing in this film and playing a far more manipulative character than I'd seen him perform. It's a nice change to see the usually easily befuddled Cary Grant actually running rings around the rest of the cast.
As for the DVD extras, they don't distract from the feature, but they won't be the deciding factor in whether you purchase this DVD or not. The included documentary, CARY GRANT ON FILM: A BIOGRAPHY runs about 28 minutes long and consists mainly of random trailers that span Grant's entire film career. It's fairly interesting, although not terribly riveting. The introductory remarks by Tony Curtis are as bizarrely entertaining as always. The film contains Spanish, Japanese and Chinese subtitles, but does not include an option for English, which is a slightly annoying oversight.
In the end, it's not the extras that you should be buying this disc for; it's the wonderful film that's packaged with them. Kick back, relax, and watch the dialog fly across the screen. You'll want to keep the remote control handy so that you can rewind to catch all the great moments that you missed while laughing over them.

Three Colors Trilogy (Blue / White / Red)
The great european trilogy three great stories.

Thes movies are based on the three colors of the french flag and center around france, but journey all over Europe.
Blue is my favorite film, it is a tale of loss and over coming loss. Juliet BinenoisSP plays a character who after losing her husband and daughter tries to give up on living, not suicide but isolation from her past. The music and the use of the color blue are magical. As Julie tries to isolate her self she still can't avoid human contact, and in the end she can not escape who and what she is. This a movie of realizing that life must continue after loss and that is a sin against ones self to denign what is great inside ones self.
White is a tale of revenge agaist an man who loves his wife and who was loved by his wife until his impotence destroys the marriage. The man knows that if he can have his wife leave france and go to his native poland than impotence will turn to ... lust and love. This is about how every man wants and how in desperation will do anything to love the one woman he desires most among others. This is the most comic of the trilogy and the vengence theme which I will not give away is comic as the need for vengeance and love often is.
The third tale is about the longing for life at any age and how we all find our true love when we don't expect it. The main character a young woman share two sides of simlar past 50 years appart. The color red is of course the color of the happiness and the hardship of love. This is the directors last movie before his death, This was a labor of love and all of these movies are jems of particular color and refinement.

Josie and the Pussycats (PG-13 Version)
Months later, and still a good memory

OK, so I'm a mid-30's dad and I thought both me and my daughter could use a dose of girls with guitars torrent. What I didn't expect was the riot of fun, great punk and freethinking satire found here that raises the film well beyond the kid-glop that us parents have to put up with. There are subtexts here that could be read several different ways, which makes for some interesting philosophizing but this is the meatiest piece of family entertainment in a long while. And the CD A hundred listenings later on my kid's stereo and I still like it.

A Clockwork Orange
One of Kubrick's best next to the Shining Full Metal Jacket

This is a classic, I remember the first time I watched this,
it left me speechless, mesmerized, angry , sad and happy. Kubrick was a misunderstood genius at times, but everyone can agree a "ClockWork Orange" like "Dr. Stangelove" put him back on the map as a serious director with a vision.

This case he takes still a young up and coming actor Malcolm
Mcdowell whose career spans from playing one evil villain
after the other. The other most notorious he played is of course
Caligula but here in this in this white suburban terrorist
who with his group spreads violence and terror is outstanding.

In a way too, Kubrick was bringing to attention the problem
of todays youth, how their misguide, foolisn and with some like Mcdowell's character worthless. These are the types of youth who do the Columbime murders.

Eventually Mcdowell's characters pays for his crimes, but thats until he feels the same torture and victimization he did to others. Alexander Large's then and only then really realizes what he has done and its until he feels the same amount of pain that he is truly sorry.

In a way too Kubrick's message is that many people despite
all the feministic nonsense about rehabilation and sympathy
doesnt change dangerous and evil people. Thats obvious in todays age when we have somebody like George W. bush in power and a large growing known of "red" states supporting the evil.

This is a must see that you must see time and time again.

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