The Munsters - The Complete First Season

I bought the DVD season One of the Munsters the day it came out. I am a huge fan of the series and it's about time this show was released. The collection has 3 discs with over 16 hours of running time with a total of 38 episodes. The episodes look great and appear to be remastered. The audio is pretty good also. The only draw back to this set is the packagaing and the lack of special features. But overall well worth the . Now where is The Addams Family Season One

House by the Cemetery
The ZOOOOMMMM by The Cemetery

When i first saw this film on video way back in the early 8os, i thought it was a pile of smudgy ,worm infested pile of crap.It lured me in with it's lurid poster on the video shops shelf among all the great tacky films we love today.So whats changed Firstly, the video version was full screen and worn and cut. Now that it is on dvd we can all see it in widescream digitallllly mastered and uncut. It is like watching another film, and i must say, i think it is one of Fulcis best films. Full of poetry, atmosphere and creepy menace. Yes it may be tacky in parts and some scenes tend to rely on over the top gore, but this is what makes this film so unique. It's unpredictable and has an almost homemade feel about it that you just don't get anymore from films. Maybe Jess Franco. but he never made a film like this. A film that could only have come out of Italy at that most cherished of times the 80s, and offering somthing that America could never duplicate with all it's millions, and for that it should be appreciated. Go seek it out.

Babette's Feast
Feast for the eyes

This movie is worth watching almost for the cinematography alone, or simply to feast on dinner scenes where you can almost smell the food. But I liked it as much, if not more, for the subtle way it deals with important issues. Without being overly moralistic it examines themes about people who discover what is really important in life, about the pettiness that keeps people apart, and about the forgiveness that keeps people together. I don't often purchase DVD's but this is one I have added to my collection.

Dual - Trouble Adventure - Boxed Set
Dual, what words may describe thee

Dual is simply one of those unheard of DVDs torrent. I know nobody that has seen or even heard about this short series. Well, I had the pleasure of watching it, and I think it's right up there with Trigun and Cowboy Bebop. It really is a pity that so few have seen it.
I'm not out to spoil anything, so I'll leave it up to anybody else out there that hasn't seen this amazing series yet to judge for themselves whether it's worth watching or not.
The only problem you'll likely have with Dual is that it is way too short. 14 episodes doesn't seem like much, but it's very much worth it for those that are looking for a funny story with a little tiny, almost infinitesimal amount of romance, and of course, plot twists right where you least expect plot twists.
Keep in mind though, this is a show that eventually begins to center around giant robots in combat, much like that of the ever-popular Gundam series. But even so, I think many people would be able to weather the fight parts and get their smiles from the countless other scenes.
Whether you're laughing over D's obsession with Kazuki, or chuckling over Mitsuki's confusing life, Dual is not an anime to be so easily overlooked. I ask all you anime fans out there that have yet to watch this, what have you been waiting for The story is a little deep, and it becomes one of those shows you wanna bring over to your friend's house and put on for him, and be able to explain what happens here in Episode 8, or at that one part in Episode 11... Anyhow, I think I've gotten my point across amply enough
So, why are you still here reading this Go watch Dual.

The Rolling Stones - Gimme Shelter - Criterion Collection
gimme shelter

It would be dificult to make a film about such an intriguing event uninteresting, but it's even more difficult to display it with such intimacy, craft, and accuracy. From the first frame on, I was sold. This is the stuff of legends; even 35 years later, you can feel the moment. The music, the people, the images; it's both heartbreaking and entertaining. Mick Jagger is almost speechless while watching the footage, but the emptiness of his face gives it all away. "Gimme Shelter" is captivating from every aspect. There's just so much going on here. I was shocked to see the struggle to maintain a "hippy" vibe in the midst of the violence; the voices are so much softer and the music is so much louder than I would have expected. I can not recommend this enough. This is one of the best movies I've seen.

The Pope of Greenwich Village
Rourke's breakthrough performance

"The Pope of Greenwich Village" could be considered Mickey Rourke's Swan Song emule. Rourke delivers a stellar performance laced with a brooding subtlety that prompts comparisons with Brando and McQueen. Eric Roberts, who is a seriously underrated talent of film, also offers an admirable performance. In contrast to Rourke, Roberts brings a comic element to the film. As a result, some scenes oscillate between compelling drama and off-beat comedy. There is an undeniable chemistry between these two actors and, hopefully, their work will be recognized in the future. Given their ostracism from the elitist enclaves of Hollywood, however, that does not seem likely..

The Muppet Show - Season One (Special Edition)
Classic Muppets

The DVD of the first season of The Muppet Show is really a treat. The DVDs contain some footage that was never aired on television. The best part about the DVDs is the "Muppet Morsels" which are pop-ups that tell about when the episode was made and the evolution of the characters as we now know them. There are 24 great episodes to watch. You'll love it

Die Another Day (Widescreen Special Edition)
Way to finish as Bond Brosnan

Why anyone would dis this Bond movie is beyond me ed2k. And it's a shame that Pierce Brosnan will no longer play the role since he finally hit his mark. This bond movie has everything a 007 fan would want: Beautiful women, formidable villains, intense action, hi-tech gadgetry and awesome locations. Halle Berry should be on the top 3 list of best Bond Babes. Her character is believable and she does a great job of delivering the goods as "Jinx" an American spy working alongside 007. This movie has some great surprises and the fencing duel between Bond and Graves is as good if not better than any battles in previous 007 movies. It is unfortunate that just when your sold on Brosnan as Bond, he has to retire..

Taxi Driver (Collector's Edition)
Taxi Driver

To start this off, I'll just say this: Do yourself a favor and buy this fantastic film. If for nothing else, buy it for DeNiro's INCREDIBLE performance I'm a movie buff myself, and I have never seen such amazing acting. It's a crime he didn't win the oscar. Secondly, it's directed by Martin Scorsese, one of the more brilliant filmmakers of our time, and written by Paul Schrader. This is the team that brought you Raging Bull. When these two geniuses get together, they make pure movie magic. And finally, Jodie Foster. She's only fourteen years old, and beautifully brings to life the child prostitute who is secretly hating the horrible city she lives in. One of the most brilliant touches of filmmaking was made here when Scorsese portrays NYC as hell, such as focusing on the smoke spewing out of the sewers, and making Betsy, Travis Bickle's love, seem like an angel among all the demons.
The story goes something like this: Travis Bickle Robert DeNiro Is a taxi driver who can't seem to sleep. He works at night, and the city around him fills him with paranoia, for the gangsters and the slime on the streets at night every day seem to be everywhere. Among all of these demons and devils, Travis sees an angel, a gorgeous woman named Betsy. He immediately falls in love with her, but his anti-social tendencies scare her off when he brings her to a pornographic movie on their second date, thinking it was just like all of the other movies. When she leaves him and won't return any of his phone calls, his depression rises until he meets a child prostitue named Iris Jodie Foster and her pimp named Sport Harvey Keitel. Feeling the deepest sympathy for her, he tries to help her leave that terrible lifestyle, not believing her pleas that she loves her being a prostitute and loves her pimp.
To sum this whole review up, do yourself a favor and watch this great piece of work. See Scorsese's nightmarish vision of NYC, and Travis Bickle's slow descent into insanity.

Vertigo (Collector's Edition)
One of Hitchcock's greatest achievements

I was fifteen years old and on the eve of starting my first high school football game. I couldn't sleep from nervousness. So I went into the living room and flipped the television on. I then saw the movie of my life; the one film that would for the next 35 years and beyondhaunt and thrill me upon each and every viewing.
Jimmy Stewart was the best actor ever to live. And Kim Novack was and is a stunning beauty. Neither had been as good as they were together in this magnificent film, which I have seen over and over.
When I received a copy of the remastered, widescreen version as a gift several years ago, I thought I was in movie heaven. That is saying something from a person who aspires to become a late-in-life movie critic, and who owns over 200 movies on video tape.
One finds it difficult to limit a review of such a masterpiece as "Vertigo" to 1000 words. Mr. Hitchcock is at his all time best with the work he did on this movie. He went as far as to redefine suspense. He had the script changed from the original novel on which it was based to add to that suspense.
In the novel, the reader shares the ignorance of Scottie by not knowing that Judy is in reality the Madeleine that he knew. By making the viewer aware of that fact heightens the viewer's level of suspense as, with each change that Scottie makes to Judy, we wonder if, and when he will find out. Then, we wonder what he will do if he does.
The color, the story, the directing, the haunting music, all make this the best movie ever made.

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